Hõõgpirn, parkimis-/positsioonituli - DUCATI MOTORCYCLES 999 999 R 102kW

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Püsikliendi hind: 0.61€
Tavahind: 0.82€

Tarneaeg:1 tööpäev
Pinge [V]:12
Kaal (kg):0,001
pakendi laius [cm]:10,5
pakendi kõrgus [cm]:3,2
Pakendamissügavus [cm]:2,4
Nimivõimsus (W):5
Üldine informatsioon:Products supplied by us are without exception intended forthe designated use.Please note that our products are usually delivered withoutinstallation instructions.Installation may only be carried out by trained specialistpersonnel.There is no guarantee for inappropriate, improper orunintended use.
Üldine informatsioon:In the warranty, we always make a distinction between wearparts and vehicle parts. All wear parts are subject to areduced warranty period and a maximum mileage. For thefollowing wear parts, the warranty periods are limited asfollows:EGR valve 15,000 kmThrottle bodies 15,000 kmAir flow meter 15,000 kmBrake components such as brake disks, brake pads, etc.maximum of 1000 km (break-in period). Therefore, warrantyclaims for brake parts are only reviewed with aninstallation invoice and a record of the wheel hub run-outmeasurement, including photos.For brake disks and brake pads, the break-in requirementsspecified by the vehicle manufacturer must be observed.When replacing brakes, the chassis components must always bechecked with regard to clearance and the wheel hub withregard to wobble, and the appropriate documentation must beproduced.If the vehicle is no longer in its original condition due totuning work such as wheel accessories and tracking plates,the entitlement to make warranty claims is lost due tothird-party work. The same warranty claims are lost if thevehicle is used for motor sports or similar events.

Originaalkoodid: 165 945 097, 1C0943105GRU, 1C0943106GRU, 2D0 945 095 C, 2K0 949 117, 357 949 101, 4A0 949 101, 4D0 949 101, 5P0947111Y20, J7AZZZ90021, J8127089126, J9007599012, J9913212050, N 017 719 3, N 017 719 5, N 017 753 10, N 017 753 8, 0 141 179, 0 151 622, 0 152 962, 0 395 459, 0 398 942

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